Saturday, 29 November 2014

White Couch Makeover

Give different looks to your living room by simply changing the cushions on the couch and add a statement wall-art  for the wonderful makeover!

To give your living area a fresh new look is not as difficult as it seems. The idea is a simple 2 step process: 1. Change your wall look by adding a statement wall-art and 2. Throw in cushions to match the wall-art with a similar color scheme & theme.

Quirk It Design_White Room Makeover_DIY_Quirky_Home_Decor_1

 That’s about it. With basic changes a whole new look can be achieved. Taking this idea ahead, we have created 3 different looks for a plain, white couch affront a plain, white wall.

Makeover 1: Monochromatic Look
Various shades of the same hue look splendid together. Whites-greys-blacks: layer them to give a gorgeous feel to your living space. On the white wall add typographical frames laid out in an asymmetric fashion. To compliment the wall, put chevron-printed black & white cushions on either sides of the couch, thus, completing the look.

Quirk It Design_White Room Makeover_Black&White_typography_Moodboard_DIY_Quirky_Home_Decor_1

 Makeover 2: Industrial Look
A large metallic, industrial wall piece catches all the attention. The heavy gear + clock sculpture is balanced with a delicate gold wallpaper. On the couch add cushions in gold and copper. We personally love the ‘roman numerical gold cushion’.

Quirk It Design_White Room Makeover_Industrial_Roman_Gold_Moodboard_DIY_Quirky_Home_Decor_1

Makeover 3: Jeweled Look
Bring in some rich tones to your room by adding a jeweled wall art master-piece. The larger the better! Pair the wall with cushions in contrasting silk cushions. The simple whites is instantaneously transformed to a plush, elegant living space.

Quirk It Design_White Room Makeover_Orang-Green_Jewel_Wood_Moodboard_DIY_Quirky_Home_Decor_1

So, as I mentioned earlier, just add a statement wall art and match up with some trendy cushions – the simplest way to give your living room a wow makeover!

Thursday, 27 November 2014

Tied Up Drawer Niche

A drawer up-turned to make a hanging wall shelf!

It’s always fun to work with things that can be made into something that they were not meant to be. And for our next DIY, we have the same contextual intention. We have all used drawers to store or shove things in. But in this project we convert the drawer into a wallhanging niche: for us to store our beautiful decor possessions.

Quirk It Design__black_drawer_wall_hanging_niche_DIY_Quirky_Home_Decor_1

The idea is as simple and as effective as it could be. All we need is an old drawer and a rope. It’s good to give the worn out drawer a nice paint job to add the newness to it. Then we drill in 2 holes on either side on the upper end of the drawer. Next just pass on the rope through the holes and knot them up so as to not let the rope slip off. Once done with these steps, all we need to do is to hang the now vertical drawer on a nice, empty wall.

Quirk It Design__black_drawer_wall_hanging_niche_DIY_Quirky_Home_Decor_1

The drawer can now be used as a shelf to show-case our beautiful homely knick-knacks. Make vignettes of vases, photo-frames, clocks, books or anything you find appealing. Your very own home-created niche/shelf made of a drawer is ready to flank your walls and flaunt your possessions.

Quirk It Design__black_drawer_wall_hanging_niche_DIY_Quirky_Home_Decor_1

Monday, 24 November 2014

Picture Lamp: Hexagons-in-Law

Brass, glass, pictured & personalized hexagonal lamp.

My in-laws were re-furbishing their house in Mumbai, so lots of so called old home scrap was bestowed upon me. One thing I particularly loved was this pair of hexagonal-brass pendant light. They were simple and beautiful and blackened too. So my thought was to give them back
something made from their old stuff, give it a twist and gift it back to them, with the added wowness, of course.

Quirk It Design__Brass_glass_picture-photo_hexagon lamp_DIY_Quirky_Home_Decor

We dismantled the pendant light, decided to just use the hexagonal bulb casing and make it as a table lamp. First thing to do was to make the metal nice and shiny; good old ‘brasso’ to the rescue. So from black, the metal polished into a nice dark, rustic, goldenish hue.
Quirk It Design__Brass_glass_picture-photo_hexagon lamp_DIY_Quirky_Home_DecorQuirk It Design__Brass_glass_picture-photo_hexagon lamp_DIY_Quirky_Home_Decor

In order to make it personal, we took 3 of my in-laws lovely pictures, sized them to fit the glass panels of the lamp, did some photoshop enhancements and muted the colors to sepia mode. These pictures were printed on transparent sticker papers and glued on the glass panels. The idea was to have alternate panels having pictures. All six sides bearing pictures would have become a little too chaotic I feel. So on the other set of alternate panels, we put hexagonal see-through designs. The alternate picture & only design panels just gave a really nice balance to the whole look.

Quirk It Design__Brass_glass_picture-photo_hexagon lamp_DIY_Quirky_Home_Decor

Quirk It Design__Brass_glass_picture-photo_hexagon lamp_DIY_Quirky_Home_Decor

As for the bulb-fitting, we made a wooden base, cut to the same shape & size as the hexagonal base. Put a diffused bulb in the center of the wooden base, and wired it up.

The lamp was ready and good to be wrapped and gifted. It looked quite elegant and especially with the lights on: the hexagonal-design shadows flickering on the wall and my in-laws pictures glowing from behind. Together it all gave wonderful and subtle feelings of warmth and beauty.

Quirk It Design__Brass_glass_picture-photo_hexagon lamp_DIY_Quirky_Home_Decor

Gladly, my in-laws loved their gift. Especially they were really fascinated with the transformation of their own old lamp into a new avatar all together.

As they always say – “Old is gold”; rather “Old is brass” in this case at least. 

Saturday, 22 November 2014

Hexagon Decor

6 dimensions of quirky inspirations for your home décor

The 6 sided honey comb design made by bees to the 6 sided structures of benzene carbon rings, nature loves the 6 sided hexagons, so do we in the decor world.
Hexagons in homes are a brilliant shape to work with. Its edged circular structure is ideal for forming symmetrical or continuous patterns. We indulge ourselves in the world of hexagons and draw inspiration from these quirky 6 sided decor indulgences:


DIY CLOCK: Bold & colorful hexagon cut-outs pasted on a clock base. A simple idea with a very bright impact.

BIRD-HOUSE: A great way to be host to our winged friends. A 3D hexagonal case with natural tones and natural branch attached – a perfect feeding abode.

GLASS WALL ART: Hang up hexagon cut stain glass on your wall to make a beautiful wall-scape. The best part about the glass art is the overlapping of hexagons which add great depth and light variations.

HEXAGON PATCH CUSHION: Add hexagon patterns in the form of cushions. Either inter-linked or spaced out in design, a simple cushion with patch worked hexagons will bring new dimensions to any couch.

HEXAGONAL WALL SHELVES: With mirrors and hexagonal cookie boxes, we can make a beautiful wall shelving unit. Paint the hexagons in bright hues or match up colors to fit your décor. The vibrancy of the colors and the reflections from the mirrors will brighten up your space completely.

TABLE LAMP: This quintessential slant cut hexagon table lamp created by Alessandro-Zambelli is to drool over. The simple lines and its creative form is a design marvel.

GOLD VASES: No home can be complete without a beautiful vase and fresh bulbs. These golden metallic vertical hexagonal vase trios will make gorgeous presence on your dining or side tables.

HEXAGON MESH STOOL: This gold & black stool is to drool over. The hexagonal mesh design of the stool stand is a work of art in itself. Can’t take my eyes of it!


Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Colors of Peacock

A living room moodboard made elegant with inspiration from peacock colors.

Vibrant teals, purples, greens & blues. Just imagine these colors amalgamated together, and for sure you would get lost in these rich, dreamy tones. The peacock is the epitome of beauty in the natural world, and what makes them so is the same amalgamation of these beautiful tones.


With the peacock feather as our muse, we drew inspiration for the look of our living room moodboard. The idea was to create a jeweled feel for our living room using accented metallic hues of blues & purple against silvery floors and walls.   

A silver tufted sofa with colored silk cushions is flanked on the side with a large purple-velvet arm chair. An off-centered, elaborate teal chandelier serves as the perfect jewel-piece for our room. The reflection from the decorative glass-cut standing mirror would help amplify the elegance of this space. The room is completed with an intricate purple centre table over a rich teal carpet.


The colors, the textures, the intricacy – all spell out the grandeur reflected by this opulent, peacock inspired living room. Time to dwell in luxury.


Get the look:
1. The Sinatra Silver Sofa by Room Service; 2. Peacock Gemstone 17-inch Decorative Pillow; 3. Blue Lotus Candle Holder; 4. Purple Intricate Centre Table; 5. Design Gray Wallpaper; 6. Teal Blue Chandelier; 7. SilverStanding Mirror; 8. Purple Velvet Arm Chair; 9. Purple Photo Frames

Sunday, 16 November 2014

The Sunburst Clock

Sunburst style wall clock made of a fan’s protective wire case.

Sunburst décor items like mirrors, clocks or wall-arts are quite a trend since a long time, and till date they are very popular. The reason for their everlasting popularity could be their magnanimous shape & size; that a single of these sun-burst items can make a large empty wall look compellingly beautiful. 
Quirk It Design_Sun Burst Wall Clock__DIY_Quirky_Home_Decor

So for our very own sunburst inspired DIY, we got a brilliant take-away in the form of the outer protective case of a standing fan. It’s natural shape itself, with the central casing and circularly diverging wires provided the perfect sunburst-like effect.

Quirk It Design_Sun Burst Wall Clock__DIY_Quirky_Home_Decor

To give a new finish we painted the metal case a shiny silver. And to the central potion we added some gold glitter to the silver paint. In order to make the clock form, we put 3-6-9-12 digits in gold all around the centre and screwed-in a clock unit at the mid-point.

Quirk It Design_Sun Burst Wall Clock__DIY_Quirky_Home_Decor

With just these few basic steps, we created a bright-big-sunburst clock! The time for sure looks brighter now.

Friday, 14 November 2014

With Some Mustard on Top!

A hint of mustard can give right amount of pungency and wholesomeness, be it to food or to décor. Apart from its fascinating taste, the murky-yellow mustard is just the choice of color to bring in dramatic nuances to your décor and home. 

Mustard can be a tricky color to play with, but when used with right sensibilities, it can give quite a designer flair to your home. The best way to go ahead is to team up mustards with neutral greys: the 2 hues together create an amazing symphony. Imagine a grey wall with pop-out mustard scones or a dull-grey sofa packed with mustard cushions. Quite a combination you see!

quirky home decor - mustard

1. Mustard Faux Stag Head Wall Mount; 2. Chevron Mustard Wall Clock; 3. Cube MustardSucculent Planter; 4. Yellow Decorative Jali T-light; 5. Mustard & Grey FlowerBurst Wall Painting; 6. Mustard String Geometric Lamp; 7. Mustard Table Décor Fan; 8. Painted Pine Trinket Box with Floral Decorationon a Yellow Ground; 9. Quirky DIY Mustard Flower Holder Wall Name Tag

Mustards can also be paired with lilac or contrasted against deep blues. The idea is to contrast and compliment, but never to go overboard; because mustard in over-doses and over a period of time can give your eyes a gaudy feel.

quirky home decor - mustard

Catch hold of a few quirky mustard décor pieces and place them around your home: the pungency of the color will be loved and adored by all.

Sunday, 9 November 2014

The Industrial Illumination

An unused & rusted machine, processed into a funky industrial lamp

The Industrial Revolution in the 18th century, transformed human lives as it helped transition hand production methods to machinery manufacturing. Till today, we reap the fruits of those years, when great men achieved great feats.

Taking a leaf out of this important phase of history, we decided to create an industrial decor revolution of our own.

Quirk It Design_Industrial Illumination Lamp_DIY_Quirky_Home_Decor

An unused, rusted, hand operated bottle capping machine became our source of inspiration. The machine in itself had this super funky look – with a turn-wheel at top, exposed gears and solid iron fixtures.

We added two bulbs facing each other – lower one on the base where the erstwhile bottles would stand and a hanging bulb suspended from top where the capping mechanism would take place. Then all we were left with was to wire up the bulb connections to one single plug. And our industrialization process was done.

Quirk It Design_Industrial Illumination Lamp_DIY_Quirky_Home_Decor

Switch on the bulbs and we get a quirky industrial illumination of our own.

As they say – “history always repeats itself!”

To infuse some industrial elements in our homes is a rather easy task. Use old home machines like a mixer or sewing machine or an old camera and give it a paint job or simply just add a bulb to it. An eye-catching décor element is all ready.

Friday, 7 November 2014

Peace in Greece

A pristine dining décor concept mood board inspired by Santorini’s idyllic set-up 

Rows of white washed houses atop steep cliffs, nestled between calm blue skies and sparkling turquoise waters. Santorini’s idyllic set-up is our inspiration for a pristine home décor ambience.

With the combination of simplistic whites and accented blues. Its rather easy to transform our homes into a dreamy coastal, greek world.

santorini inspired moodboard - greece - white - blue - decor

In this mood board, the dining region is the functional point. A clean, rounded, light wood table is highlighted with all-blue painted chairs. The wall art behind is a rather simple yet sophisticated DIY. All we need is old dining plates of various sizes and hang them up on the wall in a random-cohesive manner. A clear blue glass, globe-pendant light binds the area together.

The white arc walls separate out various areas within. Bougainvilleas are perfect flowers to add that dramatic color and ornamentation. Place them on the window sill or at the door entrance.

santorini inspired moodboard - greece - white - blue - decor

To get a coastal-greek flavor in our homes, the idea is to keep a white predomination added up with a décor that is minimal and clean, so as to give that airy, summer-feel.

Get the look:

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Globe Trotting

Quirky ideas to upcycle old globes into fabulous décor accessories

To travel around the globe, I presume is every man’s dream. So lets pack our bags and start our travel! Well if not literally, at least we can travel around the globe in the world of décor.

Globes have always been fun to look at. Finding the place we live in to dreaming of the places we would love to go to. But due to geo-political changes, after a few years, these globes get redundant and new versions arrive in the market. But as they say old is gold, especially in the DIY world. And globes individually look so awesome with its orb structure and colored lands and waters, that with little alterations, amazing pieces of décor can be created.

We found a few globe-décor-DIY-inspirations that are totally out of the world!

This super creative idea is very simple, yet extremely impactful. Stick plastic write-up on the globe and then paint it with black chalk board paint. Remove the plastic to reveal the colorful writing.


Take your old globe and paint in some metallic luster. Pin in golden pins to fill up the land space of the globe. Your globe in shining armor is all ready.


Cut the globe in 2 halves and suspend a bulb through each one of them. Hang them and the north & south hemispheres are ready to bright up your world.


Simply cut the globe in half, add plants to the bowl formed and tie it in your balcony or garden.


Add a clock piece to the center of one half of the globe and see your globe pass through different times zones with this simple DIY clock.


The globe in itself looks absolutely stunning. The curving lines and colored lands create an intricate design. Just add other elements around your globe and a very impactful vignette is created.

The above globe DIY ideas are really simple yet stunningly awesome. Create one of your own to give your home that global flavor.