Friday, 7 November 2014

Peace in Greece

A pristine dining décor concept mood board inspired by Santorini’s idyllic set-up 

Rows of white washed houses atop steep cliffs, nestled between calm blue skies and sparkling turquoise waters. Santorini’s idyllic set-up is our inspiration for a pristine home décor ambience.

With the combination of simplistic whites and accented blues. Its rather easy to transform our homes into a dreamy coastal, greek world.

santorini inspired moodboard - greece - white - blue - decor

In this mood board, the dining region is the functional point. A clean, rounded, light wood table is highlighted with all-blue painted chairs. The wall art behind is a rather simple yet sophisticated DIY. All we need is old dining plates of various sizes and hang them up on the wall in a random-cohesive manner. A clear blue glass, globe-pendant light binds the area together.

The white arc walls separate out various areas within. Bougainvilleas are perfect flowers to add that dramatic color and ornamentation. Place them on the window sill or at the door entrance.

santorini inspired moodboard - greece - white - blue - decor

To get a coastal-greek flavor in our homes, the idea is to keep a white predomination added up with a décor that is minimal and clean, so as to give that airy, summer-feel.

Get the look: