Saturday, 28 March 2015

Feel the Flea

Get a hippie dose with a visit to the Anjuna, Goa flea market

We all love Goa – the sun, the sand, the shacks – all make Goa, the go to holiday spot. No year is complete without a trip to this heavenly, casual, beach abode.  Be it with friends for those mad nights or with your partner for those romantic escapades - Goa caters to all!
quirkitdesign_goa_flea market_anjuna_hippie_decor_quirky_color_fashion
Another factor that keeps me coming back to Goa, is the flea market culture of this place. And the Wednesday flea market at Anjuna  is the place to be to pick up all the quirky, colorful stuff you want.
quirkitdesign_goa_flea market_anjuna_hippie_decor_quirky_color_fashion
Anjuna is a beach-town in Northe Goa, which in the early 60’s became the hide-out of ‘hippies’.  After running out of money but not wanting to leave, these travelers sold and bartered their possessions, everything from clothes, guitars, jeweler, art, music and more. This was the beginning of the now popular 'flea' market at Anjuna, and what started as "a Hippie-exchange" is now one of Anjuna's most popular attractions.  
quirkitdesign_goa_flea market_anjuna_hippie_decor_quirky_color_fashion
Strategically situated on the sandy stretch overlooking the Arabian Sea, today's vast and bustling Market, which transpires every Wednesday during the peak season (October-April), practically takes up the entire stretch of beach. The Market offers everything and anything you could think of auctioned by merchants and gypsies from across India selling locally produced apparel, spices, tea, coffee, jewellery, hand-made toys, souvenirs and much more.
quirkitdesign_goa_flea market_anjuna_hippie_decor_quirky_color_fashion


Tuesday, 17 March 2015

DIY - Creative Gifting

Unleash the creativity in your kids with paint yourself gifting sets.

There is an Artist in Everyone, and especially in the younger ones. So we gave a bunch of kids of age group 6-12 years a creative task of painting their own Chakri (Wooden Slippers)
quirkitdesign_DIY paint yourself kids_quirky_gift

They were all not only excited when receiving the kit, but they also gave us some super amazing outputs. Thank you kids for such an outstanding response. You all definitely make this world more colourful and vibrant. The paintings are as adorable as each one of you. Keep inspiring us and always remember to keep it quirky!

quirkitdesign_DIY paint yourself kids_quirky_gift

quirkitdesign_DIY paint yourself kids_quirky_gift
instruction sheet along with the kit

Monday, 16 March 2015

Vintage Picture Lamppost

Outdoor lamppost personalized to an indoor picture lamp.

Lampposts are synonymous to old world charm & illuminations. Till today these vintage, tall lamps are synonymous with the beauty & elegance of the cities they illuminate.

Bringing outdoors indoors is always fun. And that’s what we did for the lamp we made for a friend of ours. Basically we converted an outdoor lamppost into an indoor bed-side lamp.

quirkitdesign_vintage picture lampost_decor_DIY_upcycle_quirky_gift

To make the lamp even more special and wedding-gift ready, we gave it a double layer of personalization – first, on the two opposite sides we put in picture stickers of the couple and on the other 2 sides we etched the glass with the initials (in hindi) of the bride and groom.

quirkitdesign_vintage picture lampost_decor_DIY_upcycle_quirky_gift

The quirky-indoor lamppost, with its vintage feel and personalized styling brings in all the charm and hopefully elevates all the romance.  

Sunday, 15 March 2015

Color Trend: Turquoise

Bring in the calm & oomph to your home with turquoise color inspired décor accents.

Turquoise - Cheerful and sophisticated at once. It is a color that can be dramatic yet calming at the same time. It’s the perfect hue to add some “happy” into your home décor.

Check put these few cool turquoise themed décor accents to put up in your living spaces and bring in the oomph and calm simultaneously:

quirk it design_color _trend_turquoise_quirky_home_decor
Turquoise as a color is the perfect mix of blue and green hues. This oceanic color can be bright and bursting with energy, pleasantly pale and even jewel-toned. Due to its calming character it can bring in tranquility when paired up with muted greys, whites and brown color palettes. But on the other hand, punch the color with some pinks, yellows and orange to bring in modern vibes.

quirk it design_color _trend_turquoise_quirky_home_decor+shades of turquoise

Friday, 6 March 2015

Let's Play Holi

Colorful, simple decor ideas for this festival of colors.

Holi - The most colorful time of the year! It is time to bring the charm of the festival of colors inside your homeDecorating home for Holi is also simple. All you need is colors which can add brightness to the interiors.

Let us check out some simple and decorative ideas to bring in the delight for your family and guests this holi.

Sofa Cushions 
 Change the sofa cushion covers. Prefer some bright cushion covers which have mirror work. It will add the festive charm to the home décor.

Wall Hangings
Decorating the walls with some bright and colourful paintings is one of the simplest ways to bring the spark of the festival home!


Adding some lights to your home will bring in the colourful radiance. Although being a day festival, Holi can be celebrated in true spirit by adding some lighting to your home. Get multi-hued lights.


Decorate the patio, door entrance and other places with rangoli. As Holi is the festival of colours, drawing a rangoli is one of the best decoration ideas to try.


Aromatic flowers and candles can add elegance to the home decor. Enliven the ambiance with cheerfulness by decorating the house with colourful flowers.


Paper Buntings
You can decorate the outdoor space of the house like lawns and balcony with paper buntings. 


With these simple, colorful tricks, decorate your home for the festival. 
Have a bright and colorful Holi!