Saturday, 28 February 2015

J&G Mood Lamp

Personalized glittering lamp to set the perfect mood.

We love making personalized lamps for 2 reasons – one, it is a perfect customized, long-cherished gift for any couple and second, it sets the right mood!
quirkitdesign_personalised logo lamp_wedding gift_quirky_home_decor
So for our dear friends, Jai & Gayatri, we made what we love making most - a custom-made initials lamp. We wanted to make our lamp all stylish with some bling. So the ‘J’ of the initial we made it in wood and painted a shiny black and the ‘G’ we made it gold with sparkling jewel stickers adorning them.  
quirkitdesign_personalised logo lamp_wedding gift_quirky_home_decor
 We put the LED light down, so as to create a spot-light effect form below for the J&G.
Our glamed-up lamp looks all so stylish… ready for the paparazzi I say!

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

A Concrete Jungle

Upcycle boring concrete into quirky décor

Concrete we all know is the most common and popular building material. The Romans were the first to prepare concretes’ recipe; a mixture sand, lime, water and air. This versatile and strong compound till date serves as the main ingredient for all kinds of constructions.
Since concrete can be poured into place as a liquid, but harden to resemble a material like natural rock, it makes a perfect building material. And this casting property of concrete makes it a very suitable material to make various décor items.

Check out these cool concrete décor ideas:
A simple concrete cast clock; Candle holder  - concrete in a cushiony form; Bee-hive shaped concrete coasters; Random geometric concrete décor blocks; Concrete moulded into a hanging lamp; A blooming solid concrete vase; Write your thoughts on concrete; Concrete maketh the perfect mobile chargingdock ; Cute little cup-cake succulent planters
Pour concrete in a container of any shape and allow it to harden, thus, becoming a simple way to create quirky décor items. From vases to clocks to lamps. This easy to use material is a brilliant DIY friend.
The best way to use concrete is to add a pop of color against its bland color and grainy texture. The grey, raw finish adds charm to any décor item

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Happy Quirkyalone Day

It's all about love, starting with love for yourself.

Happy Quirkyalone Day! In case you haven't heard yet, International Quirkyalone Day is also celebrated on February 14.

International Quirkyalone Day started by Sasha Cagen back in 2003 as an alternative to Valentine's Day. Not because of the hate for Valentine's Day per se, but because Valentine's Day has always had this sickly-sweet commercial feeling that leaves people feeling left out and disappointed, whether they are single or coupled. Quirkyalone Day leaves no one out. You can participate if you are single or partnered (quirkytogether)!

quirkyalone_quirkitdesign_keepsake box_home decor_DIY_quirky_upcycle

International Quirkyalone Day is not anti-Valentine's Day. It just happens to fall on the same day.

IQD is a celebration of romance, freedom and individuality. It celebrates true romance (as opposed to the fake versions presented to us in reality dating shows), independence, creativity, friendship and all kinds of love.

quirkyalone_quirkitdesign_keepsake box_home decor_DIY_quirky_upcycle
quirky 'love thyself' keepsake boxes from

Quirkyalone Day is completely up to you to create in terms of how you want to celebrate it. It's all about love, starting with love for yourself.

For all the details about this awesome movement of loving yourself – check out their website

Thursday, 5 February 2015

The Lamp for Happily Ever After…

Personalized wedding gift: a wooden bed-side lamp designed from the wedding logo of the groom & bride (K & B)

The wedding day, is one of the most, if not the most special day in a couples’ life. But along with the endless joy, festivities and love, comes the wrath of the dreadful gifts.
Wedding gifts seriously need some evolution; we definitely need to think beyond the couples’ watch, the crystal vase and the money tokens.

quirkitdesign_lamp_wedding gift_personalised logo initials_decor_upcycle_quirky

Best way to show your love for your loved ones on their wedding day is to get something that extra special, something that extra personalized, something that is meant only for the bride and groom, which they will cherish forever.

Come-in the personalized lamp, with the initials of the bride & groom. Or if they have ‘an initials wedding logo’, then brilliantly that can be converted into a wonderful bed-side lamp.
quirkitdesign_lamp_wedding gift_personalised logo initials_decor_upcycle_quirky
quirkitdesign_lamp_wedding gift_personalised logo initials_decor_upcycle_quirky
the wedding logo - our inspiration
For one of our dear friends, we did the same. With the reference of the logo off the wedding card, we designed a wooden lamp of the same design. The bride & groom had the initials K & B, and let me say the logo was beautiful in itself: with the K & B merging in such a way, so as to create a rotated heart shape! Quite nice I say.

quirkitdesign_lamp_wedding gift_personalised logo initials_decor_upcycle_quirky

So the first step was to enlarge the logo and get it cut in a thick 1” wood block. Then we natural polished it (in order to maintain the goodness of woodness of it). Next, we pasted the LED lights all through the internal lines of the logo. So when you light it, the logo would sort of glow from within.

quirkitdesign_lamp_wedding gift_personalised logo initials_decor_upcycle_quirky
In order to add some spunk to the all wood lamp, we painted the internal edges along with the LED strip a bright orange. And finally the logo was mounted on a gold-painted wooden stand.

And thats how we wrapped it up
The wood polish along with the orange and gold colors, work seamlessly well. And to that, add the glow of the light! We think that our personalized initials lamp exudes warmth & hotness.
And hopefully will bring a long broad smile on Mr. & Mrs. K. & B. (Congratulations guys!)