Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Colors of Peacock

A living room moodboard made elegant with inspiration from peacock colors.

Vibrant teals, purples, greens & blues. Just imagine these colors amalgamated together, and for sure you would get lost in these rich, dreamy tones. The peacock is the epitome of beauty in the natural world, and what makes them so is the same amalgamation of these beautiful tones.


With the peacock feather as our muse, we drew inspiration for the look of our living room moodboard. The idea was to create a jeweled feel for our living room using accented metallic hues of blues & purple against silvery floors and walls.   

A silver tufted sofa with colored silk cushions is flanked on the side with a large purple-velvet arm chair. An off-centered, elaborate teal chandelier serves as the perfect jewel-piece for our room. The reflection from the decorative glass-cut standing mirror would help amplify the elegance of this space. The room is completed with an intricate purple centre table over a rich teal carpet.


The colors, the textures, the intricacy – all spell out the grandeur reflected by this opulent, peacock inspired living room. Time to dwell in luxury.


Get the look:
1. The Sinatra Silver Sofa by Room Service; 2. Peacock Gemstone 17-inch Decorative Pillow; 3. Blue Lotus Candle Holder; 4. Purple Intricate Centre Table; 5. Design Gray Wallpaper; 6. Teal Blue Chandelier; 7. SilverStanding Mirror; 8. Purple Velvet Arm Chair; 9. Purple Photo Frames