Friday, 14 November 2014

With Some Mustard on Top!

A hint of mustard can give right amount of pungency and wholesomeness, be it to food or to décor. Apart from its fascinating taste, the murky-yellow mustard is just the choice of color to bring in dramatic nuances to your décor and home. 

Mustard can be a tricky color to play with, but when used with right sensibilities, it can give quite a designer flair to your home. The best way to go ahead is to team up mustards with neutral greys: the 2 hues together create an amazing symphony. Imagine a grey wall with pop-out mustard scones or a dull-grey sofa packed with mustard cushions. Quite a combination you see!

quirky home decor - mustard

1. Mustard Faux Stag Head Wall Mount; 2. Chevron Mustard Wall Clock; 3. Cube MustardSucculent Planter; 4. Yellow Decorative Jali T-light; 5. Mustard & Grey FlowerBurst Wall Painting; 6. Mustard String Geometric Lamp; 7. Mustard Table Décor Fan; 8. Painted Pine Trinket Box with Floral Decorationon a Yellow Ground; 9. Quirky DIY Mustard Flower Holder Wall Name Tag

Mustards can also be paired with lilac or contrasted against deep blues. The idea is to contrast and compliment, but never to go overboard; because mustard in over-doses and over a period of time can give your eyes a gaudy feel.

quirky home decor - mustard

Catch hold of a few quirky mustard décor pieces and place them around your home: the pungency of the color will be loved and adored by all.