Saturday, 18 October 2014

Tropical Punch

 Quirky mood-board for a tropical-colorful decor scheme.

Taking a cue from regions where sun, forests, flowers, creatures and colors never fade. From there, we get inspiration of elements that make for an emphatic punch of tropical vibes within our home spaces. Over the top use of bold colors, the spunky motifs and the large foliage are some essentials of tropical décor. 

The best part of tropical décor is your license to use colors in bold and emphatic ways. The drama is also highlighted by use of tropical plants and flowers, which give a feeling of living right within wilderness.

Another striking feature of tropical décor is the use of motifs and creatures – parrots and pineapples and plantains – anything over the top, fits rightly well.

tropical punch mood board - quirk it design - living room layout
A tropical styled living room concept
The simplest way to bring in the tropics in our homes is by using a large artwork with a myriad of colors and abstract forms. Another easy and sure technique is to throw in pillows of various bright colors and natural prints, and then make an ensemble of sorts with these pillows.

But amidst all this vibrancy, it is critically important to have solid-monotone woods and upholstery elements to make the space a tad bit neutralized, so as to not over kill the room.

If you are tired of playing it safe, then a tropical makeover is on the cards. But this kind of décor is definitely more for the bold hearted, who are willing to live in a frenzy of colors, patterns and wilderness.  
tropical punch mood board - quirk it design - living room layout

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