Monday, 13 October 2014

5 Quirks @ 'The Sassy Spoon'

The boutique styled restaurant at Nariman Point, Mumbai is the talk of the town. Not only for its fine cuisine mix but also its sassy-quirky d├ęcor. All the elements in the space are enough to start a conversation of its own. The 5 things we loved the most are:

1. The Pink Name Cycle: Right at the entrance, the bold-pink static cycle bearing ‘The Sassy Spoon’ sets the tone for the place you going to ride to. The eccentricity of the cycle and the bold hue are what lays the perfect first punch.

2. Fairy Lights Bird Cage – the foyer is lined by hanging bird cages, simply wrapped in light streamers. This is a simple DIY, to spruce up any space and give fairy-tale like feel.

3. The Vintage Wall – the minute you step indoors, your eyes are guaranteed to stare and stay at the massive vintage suitcase & trunk wall. The wall is seamlessly crafted, with wooden niches of varying sizes accommodating the luggage of various sizes. The wall also has a camouflaged door to the tower lobby – so discrete that up till the door is not opened, you will never realize that it exists.

4. Color Block Chairs – the tables are stacked with solid-single hue upholstered chairs: in fuschia, grey-blue, dirty green and beige. The 4 colors contrast the sand walls and mix so very well against each other - as if having a conversation of their own!

5. Raw Collage – A large –squarish collage of country-styled paintings of vegetables and meat, is neatly arranged on a polished wooden plank. The centre frame reads a quote of Julie Murphy – “You are what you eat. What would YOU like to be?” Such a collage would look lovely over your home diner or on a blank kitchen wall. Simple prints on simple frames and just a thought on arrangement is all that is required.

I hear the new Sassy Spoon is soon to open up in Bandra; can't wait to watch the new quirky stuff this one is fashioned with.