Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Diwali - Easy Home Decoration Ideas

Light up your home this festive season with 5 simple tricks.

Diwali is that festival in which every home and every face is bright and lit. Don’t we all love everything about this festival of lights? The greetings, the gifts, the delicacies, the fire-works, the joy…all aspects of this festival are of utmost beauty.
So why should not our homes be ready to greet us and our family & friends with the same beauty? It is never too late. And with these simple ideas & DIYs, our homes can be spruced up instantly to be made colorful, lit up and full of joy – basically ready for this Diwali.

1. Diyas:
Nothing can match-up to the famous, old diyas. Simply buy in bulk the same kind of diyas and line them up neatly or make a circular design of it. When lit up, the flickering lights, will always make your home instantly captivating. You could also color up these diyas in different bright colors. An easy way to incorporate light & color and that to at a cost of almost nothing.
2. Lanterns:
The variety of lanterns available in the markets is crazy. A quick trip to your local market will definitely ensure that you’ll find one that you’ll completely fall in love with. Hang it out on your windows or at your door. For the more adventurous, make a lantern from colorful card paper. We have all learnt how to make one in school!
3. Light Streamers:
Flowers, diyas, butterflies, lanterns, leaves – yes, you can get light streamers in all these different forms. And let me not get started on the color of lights. And if in doubt of the colors, always buy the golden ones – they look the best and is easy on the eyes. Buy the LED light streamers, as they are more long-lasting and also do not heat up. Drape these streamers anywhere you want to. My personal favorite is to hang multiple streamers in front of the curtains – to make sort of a light curtain.
4. Bring in some Color:
Diwali without color, is no diwali at all. Add splash of color to your homes. The easiest way is to throw in vibrantly colores cushions on your couch. Serve your guests in funky-colorful glasses and crockery. Will make your delicacies look even more sumptuous. Play with as many colors you want to. The only rule – make sure they are bright.
5. Go Traditional:

Diwali is as traditional a festival as there can be; so why not infuse some traditional aspects into your home. Traditional wall prints & hangings or d├ęcor articles, would all give a nice Indian impact! One quirky technique is to use old colorful sarees and convert them as curtains or use them as couch-throws!
With these simple tips, we all can quirk up our houses to be diwali ready. Let the festivities begin.