Saturday, 2 August 2014

Doorway to Paris

It was a door. It is now an Eiffel-framed, clothes-hanging furniture

“In love I fell…at the Eiffel”

If Paris is the city of romance, then Eiffel is definitely the symbol of this romance. So in our next project we decided to bring in a little bit of romance.

The starting point of this make-over was a wooden, old door we found. Whose frame was intact and the wood in good condition. It had 3 horizontal partitions. The first thought was that it could be converted into something like a standing 3-storeyed picture-frame.

paris - eiffel - door - frame - DIY - quirk it design - decor - before
So the first cumbersome task was to strip of the remnant old paint (which took a good 2 days, and a good toll on our hands). Post that added 2 layers of primer base-coat. Then came the paint – a nice mint is what we settled for. So after 2 coats of the paint, the skeleton of the framed door was ready.

For framing purpose, we screwed cork boards onto the back-side. The idea was to have changeable pictures (as per our moods) which could be easily pinned. So right now we were definitely in the mood of romance - post our Paris trip and due to the lovely monsoon, if I may add ;)

 We got this lovely high resolution Eiffel tower picture in sepia colors. Bloated it up, cut it into 3 pieces, and got them printed on textured card-papers. The last step was to pin each part of the Eiffel on the 3 different sections of the door-frame.

To add another functional dimension to this door, we screwed in hooks and attached rubber supporters on the hind-side. Thus apart from it being a visual master piece in front, it renders itself to be a clothes-hanging frame from behind.  

paris - eiffel - door - frame - DIY - quirk it design - decor paris - eiffel - door - frame - DIY - quirk it design - decor

And our labor of love was thus, completed.

I love the contrast of the burnt sepia and the fresh mint color. But, what I like most is the attention the Eiffel picture commands, drawing us in, as if we were standing right there underneath it: falling in love all over again!

Soft-boards are not restricted only for schools or office. At home too they can be used. Frame the soft-board up and pin the picture you like. Easily change pictures as and when you want or as per your moods.