Sunday, 3 August 2014

It’s ‘Quirk It’ Time

Hello all. Wow! This is so crazy.
Here I am, writing a blog. And to be honest it feels a little absurd to write in anticipation as of now to an unknown audience. But, it does too have a feeling of static yet overwhelming excitement.

So I write this blog ‘Quirk It Design’ as an extension of my love for everything home-décor oriented (that ought to be quirky, eclectic and basically blow the mind away!).

I feel home is where the heart lies, and definitely the heart falls for the beauty it is gushed with. Every home must proclaim ecstasy. And I believe, it is the beauty of our house that fills our lives with beauty – be it the people who live in it or the paint that flanks it. I am also a firm believer that the home we live in should definitely be an extension of our personality, as our home is a reflection of our life.

Since a child I have had this peculiar – DIYish nature. Where other kids would be layered in sun and mud; I preferred to dirty my hands in glue and paints. And this habit of mine has lived on though the years. Though my current profession is that of a cosmetic researcher (a job that I do love), but my creative itches are the ones that makes me smile, makes me vulnerable and keeps me up all night, without any complaints.

I try to see the world from a different angle: what others would consider as trash, I would look at the same object mesmerizingly. With a little creativity and out-of-the-box thinking, any mundane object can be transformed into a glamorous & eye-catching entity.

This blog I write, with the support (or rather persistence) from my wife. Who has been always so supportive of me! And I know that she knows what I want. And she’ll make damn sure that I attain it.

Through this blog, I just want to express my love for the creative sides of life. And write about my explorations as a creative junkie, who has an infinite love for making, re-purposing and gifting home décor articles. And my eventual goal is to grow in my creative endeavors and become an interior stylist – so as to create living spaces that are inviting & eloquently styled. Through my design sensibilities, I want to imagine, create and eventually translate people’s needs into lively cohesive spaces that they can call ‘home’.

This is the beginning of an enthralling journey, and I thank one and all for being a part it.

Till then keep it sexy, keep it quirky!