Sunday, 22 June 2014

The Kilo Table

A goods weighing scale to a good side-table

I have a square-wooden top with 4 small wooden legs: Who am I?
Any guesses…

Well obviously, I am a side-table! Sitting idle and unnoticed besides your sofa or chair.  

That’s the case with most of the side (end) tables. They are the most undeserved of furniture articles. But, believe me, with some quirkiness – these bland, stout tables can create the right kind of elevation your living room requires.

So what we found was an old industrial weighing scale. The weighing scale had a squarish top; with its size perfect to that of a side-table. The scale had this ornate-brass, clock-like weight display - to measure the kilos added.  Only problem is that it needed some refurbishment to make it home ready.

Grey paint was what we used to paint the entire scale; baring the weight display (which we painted golden). The pauperly grey and the princely gold complement each other really well. Our next step was to make the flat table-top stand out. We painted the grey top with alternating black diagonal stripes. The technique used is really simple – just stick paper tape at measured intervals and paint the exposed area with the black contrasting color. Upon drying, strip out the tapes – and voila – manicured painted stripes are ready.

What we now see is this bold, eccentric end-table. Rest it besides your sofa – put your books on it; keep your coffee mug on it; check your weight on it! Home furniture with a new dimension of functionality.

Using paper tape for making alternately colored, painted stripes is a simple way to get great colorful results. Paint a light colored base coat. Make either symmetrical lines or asymmetrical criss-crossed lines. Paint the exposed area a darker color. Strip off the tapes. Your master-piece is ready.