Saturday, 7 June 2014

Treasure Shoeland

A jeweled ‘chest’ coupled as a shoe box and tripled as an elegant settee

I found this old aluminum chest lying in the corner of our office store room - completely haggard and dusted. Just looking at it, I knew by adding some wood and some gold I can convert this old world metal box into a still older world but grander treasure chest.

Looks aside, this chest definitely needed to have a bigger purpose. So I pondered and wondered. Then finally I knew that a shoe-box would be ideal which could double up as a sitting element.

With lots of excitement, I started my up-cycling project. For internal division, used elastic ribbons to make 15 shoe compartments. Also painted the interiors of the chest completely black, to keep the dirtying under control.

Got wooden planks sized to fit the chest, laid over to give a rich covering. Polished the wood dark brown and gold- rimmed the visible aluminum edges. For some more texture & richness mosaiced the sides with orange streaked- transparent pebbles (which look no less than jewels). The side handles and locking device, were fixed, all in gold. Voila, the exquisite exterior was done - it definitely exuding treasured richness.

To add the final touches, we got these hand-embroidered cushions from Udaipur - which adds to the sitting comfort and also adds on to its beauty. Loved the final outcome of it - from its purposeful interiors to its rich-jeweled exteriors. A perfect piece for a grand entryway to your royal home.