Saturday, 24 May 2014

A Crate of Vase

A bunch of bottles - abstractly painted and put together in the form a crate that acts as a vase.

I had these several small glass bottles at home, so thought of making individual painted vases out of them. But that thought did not excite me too much. So I was playing around with these bottles, thinking of what and how can I make them more interesting. That’s when I got this idea of stacking them up & gluing them up together, so instead of making ‘a vase’ I can make ‘a crate of vase’.

 I then spray-painted those individual bottles white after wrapping up some tape on them, so that these bottles looked nice and abstract. Then the bottles were glued together, side-by-side. Now the only things to add were individual stem-flowers; each bottle to house one flower.

The best thing about this arrangement is that the flowers remain individual yet the entire crate of vase cohesively looks beautiful. We can play around with the arrangement of flowers by having all different colored ones, or flowers paired and placed in twos. Symmetrical/ asymmetrical placement, all would look wonderful. Also, the number of bottles in the crate can be altered as per need – 2, 4, 6, would all look great.

I love the simplicity and vividness of this vase. I am a big fan of fresh, colorful flowers within the house. They surely brighten and cheer up your day, every time you glance up at them.

Flowers are the best way to enhance any living space. With so much variety in color and forms, a new bright & fresh look can be created every single day.