Sunday, 15 June 2014

FAN-tasy of RGB

Old standing fan - colored up in reds, greens & blues

In these days of air-conditioning, the poor-old standing fans are always at the behest of step-motherly treatments. They are all either non-working or non-usable or non-good to see anymore.

We found one of these tall fans in a tattered yet working condition in our garage. Standing 5 feet tall, with a sleek figure and the right curves: “A relinquished beauty” – that was the first thing I thought.

Our first step of the make-over was to dismantle it and clean every part of it. God knows dust of how many years lay draped on it. My idea was to give the fan a clean-white-washed look, intercepted with a burst of solid colors. So we painted all the parts a milky-white. Put on a double coat of it to give a still cleaner white look.

For the color-burst I had the 3 wings of the fan. Red, Green, Blue (RGB) – were my instant choice for each wing. These colors always give such great solidarity – its like the entire color world is incorporated into these 3.

To add a bit more quirkiness to the fan: we took red, green & blue wool and twined it around the entire length of the fan stand. Layers of the color unfurled and inter-mixed to give a beautiful effect: inexpensive ideas with such wonderful results always make it even more valuable.

Last step was to add a bit of bling on the button panel by gluing silver sequins on it.

So our tall, sleek beauty was ready to be adored by the world. With this drastic fan make-over all heads surely will turn to see which way the fan turns!

 Contrast whites with deep solid colors, to give better color impact & contrast. The difference in luminescence makes an object more distinguishable.