Friday, 8 August 2014

Green Cascades

Planters randomly stacked upon each other to greenify your home

I was casually surfing online and came across this garden-scape which had a wrought iron stand for planters, that could be stacked vertically; it looked so cool and reminded me of space-constrained cities, which move vertically upwards to accommodate the ever-growing population. Quite a far-fetched comparison! But this idea would be perfect for our ever-growing population of plants at our front door. 
GREEN CASCADES - Quirk It Design - plant - golden - pots - home - decor - DIY
Before: Normal boring plastic planters

But I wanted to let-off the heaviness of the wrought iron, so I modulated the idea and purchased these plastic planters in ascending sizes. Spray painted the planters, to let go off the brown color monotony. Stacked them up one atop the other, in this vertical cascading form. Each planter was attached to another by with metallic wire joints. Put some plants in each one of them - we can put natural or artificial ones, depending upon your liking and your plant-maintenance skills!

GREEN CASCADES - Quirk It Design - plant - golden - pots - home - decor - DIY
After: Golden planters stacked vertically in a stumbling fashion

The final product looks very chic. It sits prettily on the window pane besides our home door. This is a really cool idea for space constrained areas; where more greenery can be added by going the vertical way up. Such a modern concept I say!

Let your home be an extension of nature by making sure enough green plants adorn it. Especially at the doorway, having plants make your home more welcoming.