Monday, 16 March 2015

Vintage Picture Lamppost

Outdoor lamppost personalized to an indoor picture lamp.

Lampposts are synonymous to old world charm & illuminations. Till today these vintage, tall lamps are synonymous with the beauty & elegance of the cities they illuminate.

Bringing outdoors indoors is always fun. And that’s what we did for the lamp we made for a friend of ours. Basically we converted an outdoor lamppost into an indoor bed-side lamp.

quirkitdesign_vintage picture lampost_decor_DIY_upcycle_quirky_gift

To make the lamp even more special and wedding-gift ready, we gave it a double layer of personalization – first, on the two opposite sides we put in picture stickers of the couple and on the other 2 sides we etched the glass with the initials (in hindi) of the bride and groom.

quirkitdesign_vintage picture lampost_decor_DIY_upcycle_quirky_gift

The quirky-indoor lamppost, with its vintage feel and personalized styling brings in all the charm and hopefully elevates all the romance.