Sunday, 15 March 2015

Color Trend: Turquoise

Bring in the calm & oomph to your home with turquoise color inspired décor accents.

Turquoise - Cheerful and sophisticated at once. It is a color that can be dramatic yet calming at the same time. It’s the perfect hue to add some “happy” into your home décor.

Check put these few cool turquoise themed décor accents to put up in your living spaces and bring in the oomph and calm simultaneously:

quirk it design_color _trend_turquoise_quirky_home_decor
Turquoise as a color is the perfect mix of blue and green hues. This oceanic color can be bright and bursting with energy, pleasantly pale and even jewel-toned. Due to its calming character it can bring in tranquility when paired up with muted greys, whites and brown color palettes. But on the other hand, punch the color with some pinks, yellows and orange to bring in modern vibes.

quirk it design_color _trend_turquoise_quirky_home_decor+shades of turquoise