Sunday, 15 February 2015

Happy Quirkyalone Day

It's all about love, starting with love for yourself.

Happy Quirkyalone Day! In case you haven't heard yet, International Quirkyalone Day is also celebrated on February 14.

International Quirkyalone Day started by Sasha Cagen back in 2003 as an alternative to Valentine's Day. Not because of the hate for Valentine's Day per se, but because Valentine's Day has always had this sickly-sweet commercial feeling that leaves people feeling left out and disappointed, whether they are single or coupled. Quirkyalone Day leaves no one out. You can participate if you are single or partnered (quirkytogether)!

quirkyalone_quirkitdesign_keepsake box_home decor_DIY_quirky_upcycle

International Quirkyalone Day is not anti-Valentine's Day. It just happens to fall on the same day.

IQD is a celebration of romance, freedom and individuality. It celebrates true romance (as opposed to the fake versions presented to us in reality dating shows), independence, creativity, friendship and all kinds of love.

quirkyalone_quirkitdesign_keepsake box_home decor_DIY_quirky_upcycle
quirky 'love thyself' keepsake boxes from

Quirkyalone Day is completely up to you to create in terms of how you want to celebrate it. It's all about love, starting with love for yourself.

For all the details about this awesome movement of loving yourself – check out their website