Wednesday, 18 February 2015

A Concrete Jungle

Upcycle boring concrete into quirky décor

Concrete we all know is the most common and popular building material. The Romans were the first to prepare concretes’ recipe; a mixture sand, lime, water and air. This versatile and strong compound till date serves as the main ingredient for all kinds of constructions.
Since concrete can be poured into place as a liquid, but harden to resemble a material like natural rock, it makes a perfect building material. And this casting property of concrete makes it a very suitable material to make various décor items.

Check out these cool concrete décor ideas:
A simple concrete cast clock; Candle holder  - concrete in a cushiony form; Bee-hive shaped concrete coasters; Random geometric concrete décor blocks; Concrete moulded into a hanging lamp; A blooming solid concrete vase; Write your thoughts on concrete; Concrete maketh the perfect mobile chargingdock ; Cute little cup-cake succulent planters
Pour concrete in a container of any shape and allow it to harden, thus, becoming a simple way to create quirky décor items. From vases to clocks to lamps. This easy to use material is a brilliant DIY friend.
The best way to use concrete is to add a pop of color against its bland color and grainy texture. The grey, raw finish adds charm to any décor item