Friday, 31 July 2015

Color Pop Book-Ends

Fun-filled and color-filled alphabet bookends.

If you love to read and you love to have fun, then your room requires a set of these super cool and colorful customized book-ends. We made this set for a dear friend so that she could gift them to her adorable nieces.
quirkitdesign_book ends_color_fun_funky_quirky_DIY_decor_kids_home_room_1

Personalization is really simple to do on bookends. The two L's serve as the perfect base to make elevated designs. For this one, we made alphabet cut-outs and funked it up with a bright yellow color and even more colorful felt
quirkitdesign_book ends_color_fun_funky_quirky_DIY_decor_kids_home_room_1

Technically, all we need to make sure is that the brackets on which the books will fall on are strong enough to hold the books.

Place these quirky pieces of book-ends on your study; and we guarantee books would never be mundane anymore. 

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