Monday, 8 June 2015

The Perfume Bar

It’s been a week full of first time's and here comes one more. We were asked to make giveaways for a very close friend’s Mehendi function. After much thought, we zeroed down on the idea for gifting perfumes. But this had to be done with a twist. Why not make it an activity for the guests.

A perfume is a combination of 3 notes; Base note, Middle note and Top note. Making a perfume is a simple process of mixing all the 3 notes. We set up a counter of five fragrances under each note and put up posters to explain the mixing process. All the guests had to do, is follow the instructions which would help them create their own perfume. Each bottle was then packed in a sack and tagged with the wedding label.
To be honest, this was the Bride’s idea and her guests totally enjoyed this experience. It was a unique way to personalize the gifts. Thank you Hiral for your faith in us. Congratulations to the beautiful couple. Stay blessed.
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