Tuesday, 21 April 2015

The Better Letter Box

A pimped up letter box – keep the posts coming in!

Who said the old world charm of handwritten letters and posts no longer exists? If you have a funky little letter box at your door step, we’re sure that people would love to get their letters delivered to your home.

quirkitdesign_letter box_DIY_quirky_home_decor_idea_funky_eclectic_colors

With a tattered old letter box as our starting point – we went about to deliver a totally new funky look to it. It all started with a coat of paint. Then to add some chutzpah, we stuck an eclectic color print on the letter box flap. The drama of the sticker completely lifts the mundane box. Now comes the fun bit – we slinged in two brown belts on either sides to give a buckled up bag effect.

quirkitdesign_letter box_DIY_quirky_home_decor_idea_funky_eclectic_colors

With 3 simple steps we managed to totally quirk up this letter box. With this kind of a letter box - the old world charm of handwritten letters and posts still for sure exists!