Monday, 12 January 2015

With Great Moustache Comes Great Responsibilty

Moustache Decor: they are turning up in lots of places other than faces.

Moustaches have been making their way into the design world for some time now. Pillows, wallpaper, mirrors and more have been emblazoned with whimsical whiskers. This kitschy trend is adorned by all.
Moustaches come in all shapes and sizes but the curving handle-bar ones are most groomed in the décor world. 

Let’s have a look at all the various kinds of moustache-décor floating around in the market. They are sure to add a quirky, polished chant to your home.

1. The word ‘moustache’ is of French origin. So no better way to commemorate it than by writing/framing it up in a typography of ‘la moustache’.

The French love their moustaches

2. Make a collection jar or box and write on it - ‘Don’t Touch My Stach’! A double warning to protect your ‘stach as well as your stash.

Stash up your stache

3. This wood block man with a giant moustache adds quite a hilarious touch. Rest your spectacle or your sunglasses on its nose. Being poignant is fun at times.

Rest your specs on a moustached face

4. The moustache print has poise as well as solidarity to it. Print them up on your merchandise like mugs and glasses to add instant quirkiness to them.

Moustache print on my mug

5. Another fun way to add moustache glamour to your home is by up-cycling mundane clocks with whacky prints to exemplify your love for your hairy tash.

I heart 'moustache' clock

6. Moustaches add opulence. Period. Be it on your face or in your home. So why not go bold with them.  Pair moustache wall prints with solid-fluidic furniture and décor pieces. A sure way to add chutzpah to your home.

Go bold with moustache on your walls

7. In fun little ways we can add whimsical little moustaches. What do you thing about pasting a moustache cut-out on a bunch of hanging bulbs? High on the quirk quotient is say!
Bulb with flying moustaches

Your home grooming time stars now!