Monday, 29 December 2014

Clip it, Frame it

A clip-board made of a naked frame & a clothes-line: to put up pictures, notes and messages for your loved ones.

quirk it design_clip it frame it_DIY_home_decor_quirky_upcycle_1
clip-board for my wife on our anniversary
I love my office pin-board. It makes life at work so much simpler. With all my to-dos, tasks and notes can just be pinned up, with the information being easily accessible. And once the notes are converted to action, throw them out to make space for new ones. So I thought it would be cool, if I had a similar board at home. Where I can leave love messages for my wife and my wife can write up chores for me to do. Apart from the notes, it could be used as a flash board for putting up pictures and small snippets here and there.

But for my home I wanted to make the pin-board a little less boring than the one I have on my office desk. So I thought of rather making a pin-board, I can make something more like a clip-board; where things could be clipped on and clipped off. So I got a picture frame and removed the outer glass casing of it. I took a regular jute cord and zigzagged it across the back cardboard casing of the picture frame. Made grooves on the edge of the casing so that the cord would stay in place. After all the criss-crossing the picture frame had this naked geometric abstract look.

So after the base of my clip-board was completed all I needed were a few clips to attach the notes & pictures to the so-formed cord mesh. I got these really neat small sized wooden clips which complements the other browns of my frame so very well. Finally my framed clothes-line is ready to be used. Now the only thing required is to put my notes, pictures & snippets.

We can personalize with whatever we want to. Put up messages, write down your shopping list, put pictures – and once bored of them just clip a few new ones!