Monday, 3 November 2014

I&F Lamp

Personalized bed-side mood lighting

Two of my really close friends – Irfan & Fazliyat finally got hitched this year…after an eventful-8 years of ‘hide & seek’.

For the newlyweds, a mood-lighting just around their bed would be perfect for all the oh-so-romantic-nights that would follow.

Quirk It Design_I&F - personalised lamp_DIY_Quirky_Home_Decor

For their wedding, they had made this really hot logo, having an I-F initial, flanked in the centre with a curvaceous ampersand. I felt a replication of this logo along with diffuse light enhancements would just be perfect to make. So we got the I-F carved out in a wood block, and for the ‘&’ we got it designed cut in a neon-orange acrylic sheet. The I&F stands on a gold-painted wooden box (all the wiring gets neatly tucked inside the box). An LED-strip light pasted to the back gives it the perfect diffused lighting.
The beauty of the whole set comes to life with the textural contrast of the solid wood along with the delicate, transparent acrylic!

Quirk It Design_I&F - personalised lamp_DIY_Quirky_Home_Decor

My wife had done all the leg-work for this lamp, love her for it; maybe its time to make another mood-lamp…just for her ;)

Quirk It Design_I&F - personalised lamp_DIY_Quirky_Home_Decor

Congratulations Irfan & Fazliyat for a beautiful life ahead. My advice to a happy marriage: just make sure the 'IF's are kept to a minimal.