Saturday, 4 October 2014


Lit up and lamped up bird cage with silver leaf veil creeping around.

Freedom is such a universal & beautiful aspect of life. We all have it and that’s why we all take it for granted. No one likes enclosures. Put any one of us in a room with nothing but four plain walls – in minutes, not even hours we would be struggling to get ourselves freed. 

A bird cage in itself is a symbol of captivity and being non-free. But we prefer to open its gate and rather up-cycle it and use it as a beautiful pendant light fixture. As a d├ęcor element a bird cage can be used magically in any space. Its arching shape and its wired structure are beautiful on its own.

So in our own quirky way, we started our up-cycle (rather up-cage) process. We decided to envelope the cage with creeping leaf veils. We got decorative leaves and painted them all silver – so that the leaves looked as if they were an extension of the cage itself. We twined the silver leaves along with little white flowers, all around the cage.

Next, we then enveloped a streamer of golden small bulbs all around the cage and over the leaf veils. Fixing the light streamer at regular intervals with silver threads. Lastly, we attached a silver chain on to the top of the cage, which would help suspend the lit-up bird cage from the ceiling.

Light-off or light-one: the hanging bird cage with the silver-leaf veil looks very mesmerizing. Apart from being hanged, the bird cage can also be put atop a table. It will still mesmerize the same way.

 Freedom never looked or felt this beautiful!

Light streamers are the simplest way to liven up any room. Twirl it around or hang it about any space- it will create a beautiful look. Also, they are available in all colors. They can be used extensively  for festive decorations too.