Sunday, 26 October 2014

The Scribble Lamp

Metal wires randomly bent to make a whimsical lamp

The first thing we learnt when we were given a pencil in our hands was not to write… but to scribble. Don’t we all still love scribbling? Just pen and paper and our whimsical thoughts – with these 3 elements, we have all drawn many a master-piece. There are actual psychology tests, in which your state of mind is determined through the scribbling you do! Brilliant, right?

Why restrict scribbling to pen & paper. Thus, we decided to scribble up a decor lamp. All we require is a few meters of thin metal wire that can be easily bent with pliers. To start the scribbling process with the wire, simply keep on bending the wire at random intervals and in random directions. No kind of uniformity is required. It is literally like scribbling.

After the entire wire has been randomly bent, we will have a haphazard mass of wire. To give it a little structure, fluff the wire together and twine it up with thin wires. The eventual structure need not be well defined; it can be completely whimsical. Finally a bulb-cord is suspended in the middle of the wires.

This DIY actually had a de-stressing kind of effect. I wonder what our scribbling has to say about our state of mind?