Tuesday, 23 September 2014

The Clinking Chandelier

Glass bottles and golden ribbons make a clinking glass chandelier.

Glass, gold & light – these are 3 elements which can definitely up any house to give it a rich & glamorous feel. And in our next project we decided to take all three of them together. Time to exude exuberance.

Our starting point was whole lot of these mini-sized perfume bottles, which had abstract floral golden motifs on them. So golden became our obvious choice to supplement the bottles. The idea was simple: to bunch up the bottles together in random fashion, so that when they are slightly touched, they make this rippling-clinking noise effect. Music to the ears I tell you. And through the glass-bunch pass a hanging bulb, that would help give a shimmery reflect.

We used golden ribbons to tie the bottles at their neck and a holed utensil lid was used as our support a   suspender, from which the bottles would hang. The idea was just to randomly tie the bottles at varying     heights, so as to fill the bulk, yet let the bottles be freely inter-spaced.  

Once all the bottles were tied, we suspended a light fixture from the center hole. And we were done!
The chandelier was such a quick work, as it just required tying the bottles and hanging them up. And the results are definitely quite richly dramatic.

In dark nights, the glimmer will cast. And with blowing winds, the clinking will last.

Tying and hanging is the easiest craft exercise to undertake. You basically require 3 elements totally – 1. A supporting body on top, 2. A suspender (rope/ribbon) and 3. Quirky elements that could be tied & hanged. A kid’s gym or a suspended fish-tank; the possibilities and themes to make are endless.